Crossing Threshold

Posted by Suzanne Lie: 8-12-12

Crossing Threshold
A Message from our Mother Gaia
“We are ascending NOW. In fact, we have been ascending for quite sometime, but we are now crossing a threshold…”
I awoke with the above words sounding in my heart. “I must remember, I must remember this message…” I said as I fell back to sleep.
What I am hearing now is that we are crossing a threshold in which our reality will begin to greatly alter. We are, in fact, dancing on the edge of the fifth dimension. We are dancing for joy and feeling an anticipation of … What??
I guess we should call it the unknown. However, now it is a “known” that we are beginning to remember. This feeling is much like returning to a place where we once lived, but have been away for long time.
At first we see everything as being so different. However, as we settle in, we begin to see everything that is familiar. In the same manner, we are re-entering the fifth dimension after a LONG cycle of third dimensional incarnations.
We had purposely forgotten many things about our life there because the sorrow of missing it was too great if we remembered. However, now there is a tickling in our High Hearts that feels like a calm excitement. Yes, the third dimensional polarities are beginning to blur into ONE.

Embracing chaos and controlling fear…

Heres a great message about why there is chaos during these times…

It is from Mytre of the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Family of Light if you can stomach that..
Love to you all.
Embracing the Chaos
“There are many extreme changes that must be made during this phase of ascension because the old, third/fourth-dimensional patterns are in juxtaposition with the incoming, fifth-dimensional energy patterns. These conflicting energy patterns create the chaos that precedes great change.

In order to entrain your energy with the fifth dimensional energy, you must release all your third dimensional thinking, emotions, habits and behaviors. If you choose to ignore what is going on around you rather than surrendering to the chaos of radical change, you will remain entrained with the third dimension and will not stay entrained with the fifth dimensional energies of ascending Earth.
When you must adapt in order to survive and/or stay the course of ascension, you find the courage to enter the chaos. Happily, leaving the familiar allows you to begin the activation of long forgotten matrixes within your brain. Fortunately, when you are faced with a new challenge, you can find the courage to enter the unknown with an open mind.

A Beautiful Message from the Arcturians, for my Arcturian Brothers:

Greetings, we are the Arcturians,
We are HERE in your NOW to talk to you about fifth dimensional leadership. We will begin by telling all of you that you are already leaders or you would not be interested in expanding your innate leadership into its fifth dimensional expression. You have known or are now remembering, even if this knowing was unconscious to your daily life, that you would be called upon one day to make a contribution to your Planetary Ascension.
Therefore, we ask that each of you begin to ask us personally, in your meditations and through your journaling, exactly what specific contribution you volunteered to give to Gaia before you took this form. It is important to remember that you are NOT your body. You are wearing your body. That is, the third dimensional resonance of your Multidimensional SELF is wearing your current body. We say “current” for your body will transmute along with your consciousness.
We will now begin to give you a foundation for the definition of fifth dimensional leadership. For one thing, this form of leadership is the higher expression of your third dimensional leadership. Therefore, you will continue to lead in whatever fashion you are leading now, except that your consciousness will be expanding more and more each day.

5th Dimension ascension a little more in depth…


You are now coming into a peak phase of your ascension process in which you will realize that all that you have become is merely an introduction to the expression of the SELF that you will soon display. All of your lives you have been building towards this moment of being a world leader.
Being a world leader does not mean that you need to be a governmental leader, for government will be very different in your new world. Instead, being a world leader means that you are among the Ones who are the leaders through the portals into the many worlds of New Earth. Hence, you will be a leader into a New World.
The portal to New Earth is not perceived by your physical senses for it is not a physical portal. It is a fifth dimensional portal and can only be perceived by your multidimensional consciousness. In Fact, this portal is within the NOW of the ONE. Therefore, it is within your High Heart.