Reposting: GFL & Kryon on coming aboard the ships en mass – 3.12.13 by Anna Merkaba

GFL & Kryon on coming aboard the ships en mass.
There are rumors going around the internet that supposedly our Intergalactic Brothers & Sisters will swoop down and bring all the humans en mass onto the ships, take off, and while we are all in space, clean up the mess that was done to the earth by the humans. Then they would bring all of us back to a new beautiful planet. I have decided to ask Kryon & GFL for clarification of such a statement. Here is what I have received. Please, PLEASE, please READ THIS! 😉  -Anna Merkaba
We are connected in deed dear child, and so what question do you come with to us today? Well dear child, let us answer this question for you in such a way that everyone would understand. It is not that we do not wish to swoop down and pick all of you up and carry you onto our ships, believe us dear children of the light, that this would be our utmost joy and pleasure to have you aboard our ships, and trust us when we say that it would indeed make our life that much easier and this mission would have already been completed and we would all go home to our respective planets and live happily, having met all of you and having you finally engage with your brothers and sisters and opening up the gateway to see you as often and as much as we wish.
It would be of our utmost joy to have the earthlings finally ascend and join us in the galactic federation of light, to show you the real life to show you how to create your realities, how to create different universes, how to see things for what they are, how to live in peace and harmony with each other, how to live with respect and abundance dear ones. Oh it would such a joy for us to do so as soon a s possible, believe us when we say that we would love nothing more than to finally hold your hands upon ours, and embrace you win physical contact of love and affection with what you call hugs, and such. Trust us when we say that we are waiting for this sacred reunion to happen and are just as impatient as you are!
However, according to the creation of the universe and according to the rules and laws of the Planet earth, what you are currently going through is an experiment. Yes dear children of the light, you have decided to come here voluntarily and be a part of this incredible experience. It is an EXPERIMENT and hence we cannot interfere as much as we would so love to , we can only guide you through a variety of ways, it is enough that we stepped into the dark and removed most of your dark entities that have been controlling the earth for eons.
For what we are trying to say is that it is not advisable for us to take you up on our ships at the present moment. And I will repeat this, again and again and again And again, for many of you are struggling to understand ….WE CANNOT DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!!! Nor do you wish us to take away this experience from you. What would then be the point of you residing presently on your planet if we come by and take that experience away from you? Trust us when we say that it should make everyone’s job that much easier were we able to just swoop in and destroy everything that no longer serves the  light, and restore everything back to its original form without having the need for baby steps to occur over and over again. But it is NOT so, for we are not in a position we are not going to take you upon our ships, as many of you are waiting for, en mass.  Because YOUR VIBRATION HAS TO BE HIGH before we can meet face to face… even if we had a clearance from the universal energies, from the council from the Source of all that is. We would still not be able to do so, because YOUR VEHICLES WOULD BE DESTROYED.. and so just like you .. we wait.. we wait patiently for you to raise your vibrations according to the plans set in motions eons ago.. THE ONLY THING THAT WE CAN DO IS HELP YOU RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS FASTER.. but we CANNOT do the work for you. Trust us when we say that it would be much easier to just change all of your codices over night. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for those that are in this experiment we cannot do so, for what would be the point for us to rob you of this incredible experience that you call EARTH..
Dear children of the light, what you fail to realize is that you are incredibly strong and have decided to come and witness this experiment of one race going from complete darkness to complete light in an instant of universal time, what seems to you to be ages, and to us at times as well, is not ages for the universe but merely a spec in time. However, if you do not realize how important you are to this experiment let us draw you a picture.
You are so fascinating to us, and we are in such awe of all of you. There are galaxies upon galaxies upon galaxies who are watching the Earth closely, for the event that is occurring on your planet has NEVER been done before! This is the first time in the history of this Universe that such an experiment is coming to fruition and humanity will finally be able to move beyond the veil.
We wish to state that however, that MANY OF YOU WHO ARE ASCENDING QUICKLY WILL COME ABOARD OUR SHIPS.  When your body, your vehicle is ready to meet with our vehicles of high vibration, when your vibration is raised high enough, we will show up at your door, and take you to meet with your galactic families. We promise you this, this is going to happen! We cannot wait just as you cannot, so we too are eager and excited to meet you on the other side of the veil, but it can only occur once you have lifted the veil once you have found that door, and actually decided to WALK Through it on your own.. and so we will end this discussion with reiterating that we are READY to meet YOU and are waiting for YOU to be ready to meet US! WE love you, we are with you, and we are waiting for you on the other side of the veil.. Goodbye for now.

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