A Loveletter from God


Dear Child of creation,

I  made You with Love

light and pure as the Dove.

I made You with Song

always heard for we belong.

I made You with Color

rainbows, your sisters and brothers.

I made You with Joy

every girl and boy.

I made You with Heart

for we shall never part.

I made You with Divinity

never ending love, it’s infinity.

I made You with Nature

cosmic designs in every creature.

I made You with Stars

in your eyes and in your hearts.

I made You with Smiles

that would carrry all for the miles.

I made You with Truth

integral and wise, no disputes.

I made You with Dance

twirling with bliss & taking a chance.

I made You with Courage

never letting anyone discourage.

I made You with Faith

ever present in it’s wake.

I made You with Light

brilliant and shiny through the night.

I made You with Humour

spreading your laughter over rumor.

I made You with Silence

meditating & quiet into your highest.

I made You in Perfection

the Universes own confection.

I made You because I Love You

I made You because I Am You

I made You to show ‘Me’ to All of You-

so You can see how much I Love You!


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A Loveletter from God.



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